Why Me?

Thank you for your interest in hiring me as your writer. Since you have taken the time to view this page, I think it’s safe to assume that you would like to know what my advantages are over the competition. As you probably already know, there are hundreds of content creation companies and freelance writers out there. Many of them are offering their services at cutthroat rates, often for as low as one cent per word.

Perhaps you have tried these low-cost content mills and maybe you’re appalled by what’s coming out of these ‘high-quality’ content companies — poorly written gibberish that no self-respecting entrepreneur or marketer would touch with a ten-foot pole. You don’t want your name to be associated with such drivel. You want content that respects your customers, boosts your sales, and enhances your credibility — and you are willing to pay a little more money to get that kind of content.

So if you’re still on the fence, please read on. I will explain why I’m the best available person for your content needs.

Years of Experience as a Writer and SEO Specialist

When you hire me as your writer, you can bank on my years of experience as a freelance writer and search engine optimization (SEO) specialist. I’ve written for the big boys (US- and UK-based content companies) as well as the small fry (individual webmasters). I have written on a wide plethora of topics such as Internet marketing, blogging, travel, diets, nutritional supplements, insurance, real estate, medical procedures, and online gaming.

Thanks to my SEO expertise, I can write content that gives you an unfair advantage over the competition when it comes to search engine rankings. I have access to various SEO tools that can help me optimize your content for the search engines. Aside from that, your content will be written in an engaging, friendly and conversational style that gives your website visitors a reason to click your links, buy your product, or share your content on social networking sites (if you want your content to be written in a more serious or professional manner, I can do that, too).

Given the uncertainty surrounding Google’s algorithm updates, it’s imperative that every piece of content you feed to your online business should meet Google’s high standards. By investing in high-quality content, you protect and future-proof your business from those constant search engine updates, so that you continue to rake in the money no matter what’s happening at the Big G.

Quality Content That Sets You Apart From the Competition

Many cheap content companies and freelance writers claim to produce ‘high-quality’ content, but their end-product leaves much to be desired. After all, it’s hard to produce quality content when you’re getting paid slave wages.

To meet the increasing demand for cheap content and to save on costs, some companies assign your projects to writers in developing countries such as India. The usual result is content that’s full of grammatical, typographical and stylistic errors. Sometimes, a piece of content could look immaculate at first glance but leaves you scratching your head due to ESL-type writing.

When you hire me as your writer, you will get exceptional content that’s free from grammatical errors and other mistakes. I guarantee that my work is comparable (and even superior) to native English content. As an award-winning creative writer, I’m sort of a perfectionist, so you’ll never see subpar content coming from me. I will give your project the best I’ve got!

Never Outsourced

My clients hire me because of my writing skills, so why would I outsource their projects to another writer (and pocket the difference)? To do so would be a great disservice to my clients. My clients didn’t hire me to assign their projects to some writer in India; they hired me to write for them personally.

Other writers outsource their work to less qualified writers, either to help lessen their work load or to make more money while working fewer hours. I will never outsource your work, under any circumstances whatsoever — not even when I’m swamped with plenty of work (which is a good thing, though).

Personalized Service (Not Some Faceless Company)

While it’s still a good idea to hire a company for your content requirements, many people prefer to work with individual writers — and for good reason. Individual writers offer a more personalized service, and that’s what you’ll get from me.

When you hire a content company, you’ll usually deal with several people, and your projects will be assigned to several writers. You’re at the mercy of the project manager who might assign your project to an incompetent writer. You don’t know exactly who you are dealing with.

When you work with me, you’ll know exactly what to expect from me. You have access to my unique skills and expertise. I’m a friendly, laidback guy so you can communicate with me in a casual or informal way. I will give you regular updates on the progress of your project so that you won’t be left in the dark.

Hire Me Now and See the Difference

I hope I have convinced you of the benefits that you’ll get from my premium content writing services. If you are ready to hire me, please contact me for a free, no obligation quote. You can also email me at writer@exquisitecontent.com.

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