Editing and Proofreading

Editing and ProofreadingI’m a proficient editor, and I have edited and proofread hundreds of articles, books, and reports. I will polish your content to remove any errors and to make it suitable for your intended audience.

Whether you want to fix a poorly written article or polish the content of your website before you open it for business, I can edit or proofread it for you. I will make sure that any grammatical and typographical mistakes are caught and corrected before they can actually harm your business.

English is a very tricky language. Thanks to years of experience as an editor and proofreader, I’m capable of catching and correcting mistakes and errors that you might have missed. I will not only correct grammatical and typographical errors, I will also rewrite bits and pieces of your content to improve word choice and sentence structure. If necessary, I will rewrite entire sentences or paragraphs while retaining all the important information in your content.

Even if you’re a good writer yourself, it’s still possible to miss any mistakes in your content. Get a pair of fresh eyes to go over your content and catch those niggling errors before they put a dent on your reputation online.

All editing will be done using the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word.

If you are interested in my editing and proofreading service, please contact me or email me at writer@exquisitecontent.com.

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